Rare! Arizona Chrome Pyrope Ant Hill Garnet 5 mm Rounds

Origin: Navajo reservation Arizona

Weight: $20.00 each

Size: 5 mm each

Clarity: IF to VVS Top clean gemstones!

Cut: Round brilliant

Color: Deep spectral Ruby red

Treatment: None, guaranteed natural color!


5 pieces available

Anthill Garnet is a very special sub- variety of chrome bearing Pyrope Garnet. Its intense Ruby red color is caused by trace amounts of Chromium and the purest of red Garnet color with no brown tones.

Found only in a remote area of the Arizona Navajo Indian reservation, small deposits are located by finding ant hills with tiny crystals in their excavated mounds. Due to rarity and small deposits this beautiful garnet has never been commercially mined and is the rarest of the red Garnet family.

These are large, (for the species) well cut, rare American gems with beautiful color!

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